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If Your Electricity Bill Doubled, Could You Afford It?

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Well, Here in Newfoundland, that is going to Happen...

Over the next few years, electricity prices are going to rise in Newfoundland from under 10 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) to over 20 cents per kWh. Fortunately, Wreckhouse Energy is here to help.

If your property has the correct characteristics, we are willing to provide and install a wind turbine, which can cost between $50,000 and $400,000,on your property for zero upfront cost (Properties will require a deposit refundable upon turbine installation being completed).  In exchange, Wreckhouse Energy will charge you a monthly rental fee for the use of our system.

Our monthly turbine fees will be priced so that all energy you produce will be lower per kWh than grid prices, saving you money immediately after install.  Additionally, you would be able to sell any excess electricity back to the grid for a kWh credit or cash payment to your account rewarding you for increased efficiency.

Wreckhouse Energy will manage our turbines at no additional cost to you. This includes, commissioning, preventative maintenance, repairs, performance monitoring, and disposal at the end of its life.  Our program will ensure a safe and worry free turbine installation with no hidden costs.

Wreckhouse Energy has supply agreements with turbine manufactures, engineering firms, and installation specialists.  This will ensure that your turbine installation is safe, efficient, and brings you benefits immediately after installation.

Wreckhouse Energy is currently seeking interested applicants to apply to our rental program for businesses, which plans to start construction of the smaller turbines in Fall 2017.  We will assess your property, design the installation, and complete the required net metering application paperwork.

To become a part of our wind energy program email us at sales@wreckhouseenergy.com

For answers to the most common questions we receive check out our FAQ Page.

Regulations for various municipalities are located here.

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