Averro Robotics & Technology


Create The Future 

While Averro Robotics and Technology primarily conducts R&D on internal projects and ideas, we are able to provide any of the services listed below for any ideas that you bring to us.  Our services will allow you to quickly implement new ideas and technologies while you focus on your business's  operations.

Robotics and Mechanical Automation

Western industries are expected to undergo one of the greatest paradigm shifts since the industrial revolution.  This will be enabled by the mass implementation of automated robotics and software systems; however, unlike the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries, this revolution is expected to significantly reduce the employees needed to complete a given task or provide a service.

 Averro plans to lead that change in Canada by developing new robotic platforms and processes that maximize productivity, reduce labour costs, and improve worker safety.   By leading the creation of the future workplace, Averro will enable organizations to adapt to the new reality, reducing costs and expanding profits.  Additionally, Canadian workers will have a place in our future, enabling them to obtain meaningful skills and employment.

While some may oppose the widespread use of robotics, the change will occur whether we are ready for it or not; therefore, Averro plans to bring Canada to the forefront of this industry so that Canadians have a voice in our future.

Software and Programming

Not all industrial changes will be physical in nature. Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence is expected to replace office workers when using large data sets to forecast markets, analyze data, enable decisions, and review findings.

By implementing these new developments, organizations can reduce labour costs associated with data management, analytics, and other monotonous tasks.  This will allow forward thinking groups to spend more time on the complex components of their business they have trained their employees to complete and less time on mundane, lengthy tasks.


In innovative industries your ideas are your most valuable assets.  These must be protected through well-written and enforceable patents that can span multiple countries.  While Averro does not provide legal counsel, we can assist you in reaching law firms whio specialize in patents and IP to protect your investments in knowledge.

All Averro employees are subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Clauses with varying restrictions based on their positions and knowledge.  This ensures that any parties that wish to have Averro develop technologies for them can be assured their investments are safe and for their use only.