Averro Robotics & Technology


Facilitating Innovation

At Averro, the generation and implementation of new ideas is paramount.  This requires a strong and committed team.

Challenge Ideas and Learn 

No idea, no matter whose it is, is safe from being challenged by any member of our team.  This allows ideas with the most potential to be quickly fast-tracked into development and those with less potential to be sidelined; however, no idea can ever be forgotten as situations constantly change and the combination of ideas can produce new profitable opportunities

Seize the Initiative, manage the risk

At Averro, our goal is to accept and manage risks while aggressively pursuing new development opportunities.  This will allow Averro to gain the initiative over our competitors, forcing them to react to our actions.

Hire for passion and intensity; there is training for everything else.
— Nolan Bushnell

Averro seeks individuals that critically analyze ideas and procedures, develop innovative solutions, are not afraid of constructive conflict, take calculated risks, and seek professional excellence.  Those with diverse personal and professional experiences, including those outside of technology development, are sought in order to ensure varied ideas and approaches to technology development.

While not in a corporate growth phase at the moment, we constantly review applications and will hire if the right applicant is available.  Because of this we invite any interested persons to express interest today by sending their resume to projects@averrorobotics.com.